When Your Brakes Need Attention, Pay Attention to Brake Repair in Elgin

KS Auto Care, home of the best brake repair services in Elgin, says it best when it comes to brakes: “Few would debate that the braking system in your car is one of, if not the most essential safety feature your vehicle has.” Brakes are one of those necessary elements determining whether you’ll reach your destination (hopefully in one piece). 

Are you tempted to “fix it later” for whatever reason? 

The truth is that responsible drivers pay attention to their vehicles. KS Autocare also pays attention to your car. Our team of ASE-certified mechanics will get your brakes up and running quickly to get you back on the road.

Refer to your owner’s manual to determine how often to inspect your brakes. Or, even better, put your vehicle on a schedule for regular inspection and maintenance. 

Here are a few brake tips relying on your senses to help you identify the signs of brake failure. Pay attention!


  • Anti-lock brake light: Know your anti-lock brake light. See that round light with the ABS inside a circle? That’s it, and if it’s on, it’s telling you there’s a problem with one of your sensors. 

Some people can miss it; they keep on driving – maybe it will fix itself. No. Not the anti-lock brake sensors. You’ll need a professional like the certified mechanics at KS Autocare.

  • Brake light:  The brake light may say “Brake,” or it may have two brackets with an exclamation point in the middle. Maybe it’s your parking brake. Is the light staying lit? It could be the brake fluid or the hydraulic pressure; don’t just keep driving. Repeat after us: Being towed is better than an out-of-control vehicle.


  • Squealing: If you step on the brakes and hear a high-pitched squeal, your car isn’t just talking to you; it’s screaming at you. Solution: Your brake pads need replacing.
  • Grinding: Time to listen! You’re in danger. Your brake pads have no padding. 


  • Vibration or wobbling when you brake: Rotors. There’s no mistaking the shaking when the rotors are worn. It’s like your car is having a temper tantrum. 

Rotor surfaces wear down over time, making them uneven. The vibrating feeling is alarming because your car should not be shaking. When you apply the brakes, do you feel less like you’re in a car and more like you’re in a blender? It’s time to get your vehicle serviced; a professional mechanic can advise whether your rotors need replacing. 

  • Something else you can feel: pulling. Your brakes should stop even, not pulling the vehicle to the side of the road. 

Suppose you drive down the highway and see stopped traffic before you, so you step on the brakes to slow down. Does your car veer to the side of the road? It could mean one brake is working, but the other isn’t. So your vehicle responds by pulling toward the brake that’s still working. 

Naturally, there could be other issues causing the pull; this is one reason. Having your brakes inspected should become routine, especially if there’s a pulling sensation.


Burning smells: Are your brakes overheating? Is your parking brake still on? What about smoke? Does it smell? You could have a malfunction; it could be that your brakes are locked. If your brakes are not cooperating, don’t keep driving, hoping it will correct itself. There are tow trucks for times like these; KS Auto has courtesy pick-up. 

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Who to Trust for the Best Brake Repair in Elgin

Your brakes are intricate; there are all kinds of things that can go wrong. They are great when running the way they’re supposed to. But what about when they don’t? Don’t trust your brakes to just anyone. Trust them to the professionals.

Let’s hope you don’t need brake repair, but if you do, here’s where to find us: 224-279-1989. KS Auto Repair (Brake Repair in Elgin): we have your back, so you’ll be back. Go ahead, put that number on speed dial. We’ll look at your entire system and send you on your way with confidence. Give us a call today.