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Meticulous Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Your vehicle’s computer is designed to turn on the check engine light whenever it senses something wrong with your engine or a particular component. If you all of a sudden see it glowing from your dashboard, no need to panic, but you should definitely bring it to KS Autocare in Elgin, IL as soon as possible. Often times this warning sign may not come with any others such as noises or smoke, but that does not mean you should continue driving your vehicle. Continued operation with the check engine light on can cause extensive damage without a qualified diagnosis. The next step is usually getting stranded on the side of the road. The computer system in your vehicle is smart enough to know if your gas cap is not secured properly, which could cause the check engine light to come on giving the impression there could be something more complicated wrong with your vehicle. However, it could also mean something serious with the engine or transmission. The appropriate action to take care of your vehicle properly is to get it checked out by a highly trained technician at KS Autocare. The car may appear to drive just fine and appear normal, when the engine suffers a malfunction and stops working, a sudden breakdown can occur. Call us at 847-289-1700 to schedule your check engine light diagnosis to prevent that from happening!

Top of the Line Engine Diagnostic Equipment

Here at KS Autocare, you’ll receive the benefit of utilizing the best equipment just like a dealer, but with a family-friendly atmosphere by our ASE Certified technicians. This equipment will allow us to adhere to the highest quality standards for your vehicle because you deserve nothing less! Manufacturers are designing vehicles that become more advanced and complicated year after year and you need a facility who keeps up. Whenever the check engine light comes on, think of KS Autocare first! If the light remains solid on your dashboard and during operation, this is a sign that you still have a chance to prevent further damage. If it is blinking, this indicates that the situation is reaching a point of no return and our shop should be your next destination. It is advisable to stop driving with any blinking check engine light since your car might not make it to our facility if you’re not careful. In either case, make us your first and final stop for intensive diagnosis and comprehensive repair solutions.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Service

Don’t let another moment go by with your check engine light on! Our team of ASE Certified technicians are looking forward to your call. Alerts like these are unwelcome, but if you come soon after it the alert first appears, you will have plenty of time to avoid irreparable damage. We pride ourselves in making sure you received that family treatment by making sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Give us a call today 847-289-1700 to schedule your check engine light service or come by our shop at 575 Page Avenue!

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