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engine repairYour car’s engine is quite literally its most important mechanical component. It not only makes your car go from point A to point B, but it also powers all the onboard systems in your car. Without a properly working engine, your vehicle is little more than a couch with wheels and doors. So when it comes to engine service and repair, why would you trust anyone else in the Elgin area besides the experienced team at KS Autocare?

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When people think of car services, their minds generally jump to oil changes. While this is an essential service (one that we perform on a daily basis), engine service rarely comes up as an answer. Why? Well, like transmissions, engines need regular service at much higher mileage points than most other systems in your car. While you can check your owner’s manual for the exact recommended mileage for your vehicle, the engine generally needs service about once a year or about every 12,000 miles. Regardless, if you can’t remember the last time you had your engine serviced, chances are it is probably time.

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Maybe you haven’t kept up with your engine service. Perhaps you neglected to get your oil changed for far too long, or maybe your check engine light is on. Either way, your car requires engine repair. That’s a tough spot to be in, but don’t fret. At KS Autocare, not only have we seen it all before, we’ve fixed it all before, and your car is no exception. If your car’s engine is stalling, overheating, or otherwise acting up, the pros at KS Autocare are here to help. We can run computer diagnostics on your engine to determine the exact problem, and we will discuss any needed repairs with you before we ever pick up a wrench.

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When your car’s engine is in trouble, you are risking being sidelined and waiting for a tow truck. At the first signs of engine trouble, get your vehicle into the bays at KS Autocare. Our team of ASE-certified mechanics can get you in, determine the exact problem, and get you fixed up and back on the road. And we back up all our work with a 60 month / 60,000 mile nationwide warranty on all parts and services. The engine is the most important part of your car, so make sure you trust its service and repair to the team at KS Autocare in Elgin. Make an appointment today!

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