Transmission Repair in Elgin

TransmissionsThe transmission is easily the most complex and complicated component in your car. Made up of over 800 different pieces, the transmission is not only the most intricate system in your vehicle, it is also one of the most important. Chiefly in charge of shifting gears as you increase and decrease the speed of your vehicle, without a working transmission your car isn’t going to make it far. So whether it is time for a scheduled transmission service or your vehicle is in need of transmission repair in Elgin, IL, you can trust the ASE-certified pros at KS Autocare to get the job done right.

Fast Transmission Service In Elgin

Modern transmissions are designed to stand the test of time, but when due for service, it is extremely important to have those services completed by a skilled mechanic. Neglecting transmission service, which is usually scheduled for between the 30,000 and 60,000 mile mark, can mean expensive transmission repairs down the road. At KS Autocare, we also offer transmission flushes, which is the process of completely draining and replacing your transmission fluid. This service can add thousands of miles to your transmission’s health, and drivers who want to see their cars in it for the long haul know how important it can be.

Transmission Repair In Elgin

If you haven’t kept up with your transmission services, or you feel there might be a problem with your transmission, it might be time for transmission repair, or even replacement. Most people think “expensive” when they think of transmission repair or replacement, and that is often the case, but caught early, it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve noticed slipped gears or difficulty changing gears, especially from drive to park or vice-versa, get your car into our bays as soon as you can. If we catch the problem before it becomes too severe, we can get it fixed fast. Most auto repair shops don’t offer complete transmission replacement as they simply don’t have the skilled mechanics to do it, but at KS Autocare, we proudly offer a full slate of transmission services. If your transmission is in trouble, why not get it serviced by the very best team around?

Looking For Transmission Repair Near Me?

Transmissions are complicated beasts, but our team at KS Autocare in Elgin, IL, are uniquely qualified to service, repair, or even replace them if need be. And our team of ASE-certified techs back up all their work with a 60 month / 60,000 mile warranty on all parts and services. Don’t let your transmission fall into disrepair. Get your transmission serviced or repaired at KS Autocare today.

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