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AC/Heat RepairPeople spend a lot of time in their cars, now more than ever. Whether it be commuting back and forth to work, driving the kids to soccer practice, or even hitting the road for a long weekend, you need to be comfortable in your vehicle. And your auto AC & heat play a big role in that comfort. In Elgin, it can be extremely hot during the summer and even colder in the winter, and driving around sweltering or freezing is no one’s idea of fun. So instead of suffering at the hands of the elements, make sure your auto AC & heat is in proper working order with AC & heat service or repair from the pros at KS Autocare.

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Having auto AC & heat that doesn’t work can be a major hassle – even dangerous – so avoiding that should be at the top of your list. You can sidestep these problems with regular service of your car’s comfort systems. At KS Autocare in Elgin, we recommend having your AC & heat serviced at least once per year. We will inspect the entire AC & heat system from top to bottom, searching for leaks or wear on the components. If we find anything wrong, we will discuss the needed repairs with you. Often, finding the problem before it becomes a problem is the best way to keep repair costs low, so an annual auto AC & heat service is highly recommended.

Fix Auto AC & Heat Elgin

So maybe your auto AC & heat isn’t working, or maybe it just isn’t working as well as it once did. If that is the case, you might be in need of auto AC & heat repair from KS Autocare. Oftentimes a poorly performing auto AC & heat system is in need of a refrigerant recharge, which is a simple and fairly inexpensive process. It could be leaks in the compressor or hoses, or any number of other minor issues. But no matter what the case, we will inspect the entire system and figure out where the problem lies.

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The weather can vary so much from season to season here in Elgin and no one wants to be uncomfortable while they drive. So whether its time for your annual auto AC & heat system inspection or you’ve got a comfort system that just isn’t working correctly, the pros at KS Autocare are here to help. And our team backs up all our services and repairs with a 60 month / 60,000 mile warranty, so you know the job will be done right. Bring your car into KS Autocare and leave in comfort!


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