Are Your Brakes About to Fail?

Probably one of the most important safety features on your car is the brake system. When that isn’t functioning properly, you’re very much in danger of getting into an accident. KS Autocare wants you to be safe in your car, and that means learning to recognize brake issues before your brakes fail completely.

The Brakes Are Making Noise

Mechanical systems sometimes do make noise, including your brakes. But after a while, you know what normal noises sound like and what it sounds like when something might not be okay. In the case of your car’s brakes, you might hear grinding or squealing noises that definitely don’t sound right. If that’s combined with other symptoms, you may have a big problem with your car’s brakes.

The Brakes Don’t Feel Right

Lots of car owners describe brake issues as just not feeling right and there’s some truth to that. Even if you can’t describe exactly what’s going on, you may subconsciously be noticing things like the car takes a little longer to stop than it usually does. That’s not your imagination and you shouldn’t ignore a sign like that.

You’ve Seen Brake Fluid Puddles

Brake fluid is a greasy fluid that you’re normally going to see around your car’s wheels and brakes. You might also see it underneath the car, but it’s easier to mistake that for something else. If you do see fluid on your wheels or brakes, that’s a sign that your brake fluid is leaking. Because your brake system is a hydraulic system, that means any fluid leaks are big signs of trouble. You need to get your brakes inspected right away.

You Feel Vibrations When You Try to Stop

When you go to stop, you should smoothly come to a stop. If you’re feeling vibrations that get worse the harder you press the brake pedal, that’s definitely related to brake issues. It’s important that you don’t ignore this, because there could be a variety of problems ranging from a warped rotor to issues with the brake calipers or other parts. You’re going to need to correct that issue in order to stop the vibrations.

Need to get your brakes inspected? Contact us right away at KS Autocare in Elgin, IL. We’ll be happy to thoroughly inspect your brakes for you and make sure that they’re safe and functioning properly. If there is something wrong with your brakes, we’ll let you know exactly what they need.

Michael Kenyon, Jr.

KS Autocare

Mike has been professionally fixing cars for over 30 years. There isn’t a problem he hasn’t seen. He’s been running KS Autocare since 1989, helping Elgin residents maintain their cars and increase their safety and comfort while driving. He resides in Elgin, and knows the area well.

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