Four Common Clutch Problems

If you own a manual transmission car, you already know that your clutch is a necessary part of the equation. When the clutch starts to fail, you’re not going anywhere at all. So, it pays to be able to recognize some of the biggest potential clutch issues and KS Autocare is here with the information that you need.


The clutch is designed to slip a little bit, to a point. That’s part of how it functions to assist the transmission in shifting the gears. But it should never slip when it’s fully released, so if you’re experiencing slippage then, that’s a sign that the clutch may be failing. Eventually, all clutches wear to the point that they slip.


A clutch is said to be chattering when it’s jerking while engaged. There are a few different reasons your clutch could be chattering, including worn or misaligned drivetrain components, suspension parts, or broken transmission mounts. Chatter can also happen if the clutch cover is loose or the clutch disc is bent. Narrowing down the cause of the chatter means really getting in there to figure out what isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do.

Clutch Noise

Normally you won’t hear much noise coming from the clutch, but if you’re hearing growling or squealing sounds, that can be a sign that some of the bearings are either worn or actually seizing. The clutch discs could be misaligned, or there may be other parts that are worn or broken. If you’re hearing chirping sounds, that can be a problem elsewhere in the clutch. Any other unusual noises can also mean that parts of the clutch are failing.

Not Releasing

When you press the clutch pedal, that’s what causes the clutch to release. If you’ve got the clutch pedal fully depressed and the clutch still isn’t releasing, that’s a big problem. You’ll likely be unable to shift at all or you’ll hear the gears grinding as you try to shift. Another related issue may be that the pedal is stiff or too hard to depress, which would contribute to having trouble with releasing the clutch.

Noticing that you’ve got some big problems with how your car’s clutch is working? Don’t wait to find out what’s going on. KS Autocare in Elgin, IL can troubleshoot the issue for you and determine exactly what’s wrong. You’ll know that the repair is exactly what’s necessary and not something extra that your car doesn’t need at all.

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