How Can You Tell it’s Time to Get New Tires?

It’s so easy to forget how old your car’s tires are. You just bought a new set, right? Only to realize that they’ve actually been on your car for quite a while now and they’re worn out. So, how can you tell that your tires need replacing? KS Autocare has some tips for you about your tires.

Your Tires Are Hitting that Upper Age Limit

When you buy a new set of tires, there are a couple of bits of information in the description. One is the mileage recommendation for the tires and the other is the expected lifespan of the tires in years. That’s usually an average rather than a guarantee, but it helps you to gauge approximately when you’ll need new tires. If you’ve kept track of the mileage on this set of tires or their age, that can help you to realize it’s time for new tires. 

Your Tires Don’t Look So Good

Tires don’t age well, in general, because they’re out in the elements constantly and they really do go through a lot for your car. When you first get a set of tires, they’re dark and shiny. As they age, they tend to get weathered and start to look more light gray in color. When you look at the sidewalls, they might start to show some scuffs and cracks that also indicate that the tires are aging.

The Tread Is Looking Rough

No matter how great the rest of the tire looks, the tread is literally where it’s at as far as whether your tires are okay or not. If you’re seeing completely worn tread to the point that the tire’s surface almost looks smooth, that’s called a bald tire. There’s no traction there at all. Something else to look for is uneven tread wear or chunks of tread that are missing. Any of these issues point to a need for new tires.

You’re Experiencing Handling Issues as You Drive

Finally, your tires communicate to you through the car’s handling. You might feel vibrations, shakes, or pulling to one side or the other if your car’s tires are getting too old. These problems can be related to steering or suspension issues, but if your tires are older, they’re the most likely cause of these handling issues.

If you’re ready for a new set of tires, let KS Autocare in Elgin, IL help. We’ll help you to make sure you’re getting the right set of tires for your car and that they’ve got a great start. We can check your wheel alignment and help you to know when your tires need rotation and balancing again.

Michael Kenyon, Jr.

KS Autocare

Mike has been professionally fixing cars for over 30 years. There isn’t a problem he hasn’t seen. He’s been running KS Autocare since 1989, helping Elgin residents maintain their cars and increase their safety and comfort while driving. He resides in Elgin, and knows the area well.

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