Need a Battery Check in Elgin? Things That Drain Your Battery

Chk. Chk. It’s the sound of a dead battery or a battery in trouble. If you turn the key and hear the chk or a rapid click, it could mean your battery is done. Sounds like your battery is past due for a check-up and it’s time for a battery check in Elgin.

No one wants to face the day by calling a towing company; it’s annoying and puts a dent in your time while you scramble to come up with a plan B.

Depending on your plans for the day, chances are you’ll need your vehicle. Unfortunately, a dead battery rarely happens at your convenience. 

If you’re in Elgin, Illinois, calling for a battery check means calling KS Autocare.

With over twenty years of serving the community and only the best equipment and skilled, certified technicians, KS Autocare is your go-to repair shop for batteries.

So, what seasons can affect your battery most, and what can you do about it? 


Many of us expect sluggish batteries in the winter, but are you aware that heat can also affect your car’s performance?

A battery can suffer from corrosion due to heat, affecting the power it needs to start the vehicle. It doesn’t matter whether you’re driving; the heat can affect the battery’s liquids. 

If you live in an area of the country that is perpetually hot or where the heat reaches scorching levels, paying attention is the first step in keeping your wheels turning.

What You Can Do:

  • Park in the shade. It may not be the spot closest to the entrance of the building, but look around. A tree somewhere to the side of the back of the parking lot can provide your car with some coverage. That’s where you want to leave old Sparky. 
  • Keep your battery clean. Wait, what? Are you supposed to tidy up a battery? Well, yes. Most people don’t know it, while some know it and ignore it, but cleanliness is one way to keep you in the driver’s seat. 
  • How do you clean it? Remove the clamps and wipe away grease, then brush away debris that shouldn’t be there. Just like your home, it takes less time to keep up with it than it does to sit in a parking lot waiting for roadside assistance.
  • Create space for your vehicle. Park in the garage if possible. If your garage is mainly used for storage and there’s no room for the car, then a bit of rearranging is in order. Instead of having boxes and items all over, purchase some see-through totes and stack them along the side of the garage. It’s a project, but you’ll feel better knowing you’re protecting your car from unnecessary exposure to heat.
  • Think you need to run the battery when the car isn’t on? No, you don’t. You can do without the radio and the lights unless your vehicle runs. 
  • Fan the flames! When you arrive at your destination, open the hood and let your battery breathe.

battery check Elgin


  • Baby, it’s cold outside! Let’s say you live in Illinois or somewhere where snow comes calling. The winter months are not always kind to batteries. 

If you’re on your way to work on a winter morning, it’s often in the dark. And you sure don’t want to leave work in the dark, only to hear nothing when you turn the key. 

  • What happens if you don’t have protective clothing in the winter? You might freeze to death. The same is true of your battery; freezing temps are brutal. You could find yourself stuck. 

What You Can Do:

  • Make sure you power down your car. Turn everything off, and remember the lights, even the ones that shine in your face when you open the visor. 
  • Snow and ice can land on your car and pile up; the next thing you know, the car itself is frozen, including your car door. Park in the garage if possible. You can make a de-icer for the windshield by using high-quality rubbing alcohol and water; put it in a spray bottle and spray well. Also, you can use a hair dryer to warm up the locks and crevices to open the door.

Things You Can Do to Protect Your Battery in Winter or Summer

  • Keep your car from sitting idle for too long. Driving it regularly will keep things percolating and prevent the vehicle from settling. It’s like arthritic joints: the longer you sit, the harder it is to get up. Your car needs to move regularly.
  • Make sure you have the proper fluid levels. 

Get a Battery Check in Elgin

No matter what the season, KS Autocare knows cars inside and out. Performing regular maintenance is what we do. But we can only do it if you bring your vehicle to us so we can give it a routine check-up, followed by replenishing fluids. When we say we know cars, we mean we know cars. 

Winter’s here and summer’s around the corner, so don’t delay. We want to keep your vehicle in top running condition, no matter the season. Give us a call today at KS Auto Care to schedule your next battery check.