What Should You Do if Your Car Door Freezes Shut?

Winter can mean dealing with some really fun stuff, like your car door freezing shut. That’s something that can stump you if you’ve never dealt with it before, so KS Autocare has some advice that can help.

Don’t Ever Force Anything

You never ever want to use a lot of force if you’re trying to deal with a frozen car door or lock. The reason for that is simple: you can very easily end up breaking something. Frozen items tend to be a lot more brittle than they look, and when you’re talking about keys in locks or even a door handle, the ice may have a better hold on the item than you think and the path of least resistance may end up with a handle breaking off.

Push Against the Door First

If the problem is that the door is frozen shut, try pushing against the door before you try pulling. That’s going to help break up ice that you can’t see and by pushing you may have more luck. You’re also less likely to break the handle off, since you’re pushing. You’re probably going to hear a lot of crunching, and then you might give opening the door another try.

Do What You Can to Remove Ice

The biggest problem, of course, is that there is likely a sheet of ice on everything. If that layer is really thick, it may be wise to do what you can to remove as much ice as you can from the car, especially around the edges of the doors. An ice scraper is usually the best tool for the job, but you don’t want to use a scraper on painted areas. 

Try Using De-icer or Spray Lubricant

Another option, particularly if you’re dealing with a frozen lock, is to spray de-icer or lubricant into the lock or around the gaskets where there’s ice sealing the door shut. This can help you to get a better handle on breaking up the ice and getting the door open. You do still need to be gentle, and some of these products might be rough on your car’s paint, too.

KS Autocare in Elgin, IL is here for you to manage all of your service and repair needs, even if you got a little overzealous trying to get a frozen car door open. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to sort out any issues you’re having with your car.

Michael Kenyon, Jr.

KS Autocare

Mike has been professionally fixing cars for over 30 years. There isn’t a problem he hasn’t seen. He’s been running KS Autocare since 1989, helping Elgin residents maintain their cars and increase their safety and comfort while driving. He resides in Elgin, and knows the area well.

Photo by Philartphace from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro