Auto AC Repair in Elgin: When the Heat is On But Your Air is Out

Car trouble is never convenient, especially in extreme weather. And there’s never a convenient time to have the car in the shop – unless you’re talking about KS Autocare in Elgin. 

Let’s say you’re running errands. It’s 90 degrees in the shade, but you’re not worried because you’ve got excellent air conditioning in your vehicle. That is, until you turn it on and realize you don’t. The blasted thing isn’t working. 

You’ll open the windows and deal with it tomorrow, right? 

But what about today?

Whether it’s allergies, sunburn, or sensitivity to extreme heat, not everyone can enjoy the great outdoors. It’s not just about the air conditioner; it’s a safety issue. 

Air quality tends to worsen during the summer months, which can be an issue for asthmatic people or folks with allergies. Some people drive with the windows down; they love the breeze. But for others, that spells danger. 

Would you even dream of buying a car without air conditioning? You’re not alone. No air, no car. And that’s the way we want it: nice and cool.

Signs You Need Auto AC Repair in Elgin

The air is not cooling off:

Your vehicle’s air conditioner is about getting cold air out of the vents. Nonetheless, if your AC system isn’t correctly maintained and starts to fail, a blast of hot air is sure to follow. 

Hot air usually warns that the compressor is failing. Hot air could also indicate low refrigerant. It is always wise to get to know your car inside and out. Sounds and how things function could be vital in catching a failure before it happens.

Fluid Leaks:

There are internal bearings in your vehicle’s air conditioner, which prevent the refrigerant from leaking out. By pressurizing the refrigerant, a compressor helps that refrigerant cool. 

Due to the constant pressure inside the compressor, the bearings will wear down over time. Keeping up on maintenance can prevent a failure from occurring.

Stuck Clutch:

A clutch is part of the AC compressor, just like a manual transmission. Your vehicle’s engine draws power from your vehicle engine through this clutch. The compressor can only use the power when needed, so if the AC compressor clutch or its pulley breaks, the compressor will not work because it won’t be getting any power. You can’t replace the clutch. If it fails, you’ll have to replace the whole compressor.

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What Can Happen if You Don’t Get It Fixed?

If you drive your car for too long with a failed compressor, the bearings in the unit will eventually lock up. This can cause your pulley to lock up, along with your engine. That’s why it is best to address a failed compressor sooner rather than later. 

AC compressor failures can cost anywhere from $10 to over $1,000 with parts and labor, depending on what went wrong. 

How to Prevent The AC from Going Bad

  • Change the filter! Please don’t wait for a crisis; get ahead of it. When your car is gasping for air on the side of the road, it’s too late. Being proactive is the wisest way to keep your air conditioner percolating the way it’s supposed to. 
  • Plus, the filter can hold all kinds of germs. Think about it. You turn on the AC, and unbeknownst to you, you are inhaling mold, germs, and other pathogens. 
  • Make sure you keep fluids topped off. Low to no fluids can cause the bearings to lock up faster.
  • Always keep a watchful eye and maintain coolant pressure. 

The single most effective thing you can do for the health of your air conditioner is to get it serviced.

Maybe you want to know what’s involved. Perhaps you don’t. Either way, your technician will have the skills needed to treat your car like the reliable piece of equipment you need to get you to your destination while keeping you cool. 

We start with a thorough inspection and then discuss the needs and repairs with you before making any corrections. Our mechanics love to get our hands on what’s wrong with your car and fix it so you can have the best drive ever.

Summer’s calling, and you know what that means: HEAT. Not just any kind of heat; the worst kind of heat. In Elgin, Illinois, the average in July is 85 degrees; that’s the type that will make you miserable if your air isn’t working. 

But wait. We won’t need to fix your car if you bring it to us first. Think prevention. Think maintenance. And above all, think service because, at KS Auto Care, that’s our job. Need cool? Got heat? Give us a call today.